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Miss You

Sweet memories is all I am left with

Emptiness has become my night companion

So many words left unsaid between us

Thousands apologies goes with every tear I drop

My world was you

But you left me crashed with no place to call home



We had so many plans for us

We had the journey set before us

But somehow you left me in the darkness with the plans you made with God to go away

My knees bruise from kissing the ground in my despair to get answers

My only desire is to just get one last glimpse of your sweet face once more


Time is the best doctor, they say

But the days don’t get any better

The echoes of your laughter still haunt me in the mornings

The shadows of the evenings taunt me with every day blanket



When you said forever I never knew forever had an ending

Every day I find it hard to breath

Though my being wants to despise your departure

I still miss you with each passing day

But I guess you are in a better place.

At night, my eyes close with these questions in my mind;

Are you in the Eastern winds that gently blow the worry from my face?

Are you in the Western rains that softly wash away the pain from my heart?


Exiled Mind

I woke up this morning thinking how bad my life was

Oh the things I could change if I had choice

My bed needed new sheets

I didn’t like the taste of my coffee

I hated my job

The coat didn’t match the colour of my eyes

I could go on about how unfair life was

Till I saw her


With one child on her back and one holding to the helm of her skirt for dear life

As she rushed pass me

Tears of regrets and years of bad choices running down her beautiful face

Her tiny feet had dried up rivers going all places

The lines on her face betrayed the beauty she once was

Her ashen face deceived those it can about her time in this earth

The shoes on her feet were one with the dust beneath her soles

They had all their earthly belongs on their backs


She stared straight through my soul with her probing eyes

Silently she questioned my ungratefulness

And with shame, I walked away…

Stranger in the Mirror

I don’t know…

Maybe the mirror lies too
For the person who stares back at me
I do not recognise
Her tears don’t fall on the ground like mine
My tears have turned into a stream that forever
Waters the dark forest that watches over my every step

The person in the mirror still holds her soul
Mine I sold it – though I have no memory of the buyer
But what I remember is the ecstasy that lasted briefly
Had I known how empty it is without one,
I’d have probably saved a few tears to soak my mouth with
In time of the emotional-drought

Yes, the mirror lies too
For sense is not made in the smiles shaped
In the eyes of the person who stares back at me
I stand in front of the mirror
With my last wish in black and white
As I walk toward the door that will close
My path in this world
My last prayer is that the Lord
May turn all my past joys into a rainbow
As He welcomes me in His Kingdom