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The Sinner’s Church

I came here for love – nothing else

Now make my fantasies come right

You been talking me up

Now is time to reveal your cards to me

Are you Acing up the game, babe?

Or are you all talk no show?

My attention is all on you

Be my good-good, be my mistake, be my jackpot

But wherever the wind blows this,

Imma be the show for you – a freaky one

Do you own the exclusive ticket to this?

I’m a kinky kinda person, you like?

You like?

I take my Fridays naughty

I prefer guilty pleasures in the week

Confess all on Sundays

But when I start to daydream

My mind turns straight to you

You ready for this?

Most days, I don’t do hearts and love

Most days I’m all for ships that sail to lost places

But right now, I’m all about making you the king of this palace

You are the kind of trouble I’m willing to sip on

You are my kind of church

Absent Love (My Way Back to You)


The door I closed on you

Was not meant to be forever

In my quest to find myself

I lost myself

The trail that leads back to ‘I’

Is no more

You held me in your caring arms

But I still searched for you

You stood there

With tears in your eyes as you called out my name

But the road called for me too

I yearned for more than I got from you

I was born a dream-chaser

But I could never settle for any

Once, you were my dream

A dream that I reached

With need to leave behind

Now I stand here

With my heart in my hand

As I reach out to you in the hope that

Your smile will wipe away my sins

I learnt to love you in your absence

But my love cannot fill the void you left in search for better love

I was slaved by the world’s view of perfect love

I questioned the shape of your heart

I demanded your soul

I implored your eyes to see things unseen

Petitioned your ears to hear what I held within

You found your wings

The wings that I had cut when your heart still belonged to me

You learnt to fly again

I should have carried you when you needed me

I crashed your world to build mine

You believed in us – I believed in fate

In my euphoria, judging you was the only way

My night dreams don’t belong to me anymore

Nightmares have become my uninvited companions

Maybe just maybe you will allow me to once again stand on your spotlight

Maybe you will let me to walk back into your dreams at night

I created my own agony,

I became cold to your hands – I froze you out

As I walk toward you, all I want to know is,

Do you remember the time you held me in your arms

Let’s go back in time and find us again


Vinatge you Sign

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We hold onto our butterflies

Because our spears never met the one that feeds on the crimson

And even if they did,

It wasn’t that our souls weren’t stripped for all to see!

Our souls were once white with peace

They were blue with love

But man’s greedy fed on that

Now we cry a silent cry

Only the blameless hear our silent voices

Many believed selling was the best solution

But we held onto the butterflies inside

Inked were they in our hearts

So indeed we held onto them as we prayed for a ray of life

We were as fools in their eyes

But we knew better

For our eyes lost their virginity long ago


Vinatge you Sign

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