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‘We’ Of You and I



I got issues

And so do you

You got to take me

You got to love me

This me

And not the me that they want me to be


Our love is not for everyone

We are dreamers and we belong together

We fought

We laboured

We hurt

Just to keep it alive


You got touch these scars

You got accept the flaws I come with

Our tears we keep contained

Just for the drought times

No one understands this love

But we got to keep going


We reckless

We be loving untimely

We find ourselves in the ‘we’ of you and I

My heart is too strong for anyone else

My nights are too dark for somebody else but you

Just promise one thing

Promise me no promises

For our love is too fragile to survive broken truth



If You Ask Me Who I Am

If you ask me who I am

I will look you in the eyes

And tell you that

I’m the girl you once knew

And I am the woman you don’t know


When you ask me who I am

I will tell you my dreams but I wouldn’t let you inside them

I will show you my future and I will say goodbye to you

I will let you lead but I wouldn’t follow


When you ask me who I am

I will tell you I am the stranger you hold tenderly in your arms

I will tell you I am your tomorrow that disappeared in your yesterday

I will tell you I am the light that have shadows


When you ask me who I am

I will tell you I am everyone and no one

I will show you my scars

But I wouldn’t show you my tears


If you ask me who I am

I will tell you I am Me

Yes, I will tell you I am just only Me

So don’t ask me who I am for I will tell you



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The Week That Was



This passing week have been… what’s the right word to describe it? Well, it’s been full of both wonderful and bad things – both happening to me so don’t worry my fellow Gypsy, I did not do anything bad, well, I hope. So where can I start? Well, how about my butt is screaming from sitting for hours on end during the trips that I had just embarked on. Oh, before we go any far let me clear this – it was a work trip but me being me, I took the time to explore a little bit.

Made a few friends along the way, I don’t know but I have found that the strangers that I come across tend to be so extra nice to me (or maybe it’s me who is nice). Like I always click with them, I guess maybe I was meant for the touch-and-go kind of friendships, you know where the bond is created but left unspoilt and still fresh, new. So basically the fact that I feel like a true gypsy then is not far from the truth then. Yeap, my plan is to travel for a whole year with everything that I call mine packed in a backpack – being free from the worldly possessions.

Went to this other Chinese shop (yep, I said Chinese shop) to get a pair of bathing flip-flops, well, not that they are bathing ones, I just call them that because I used them to bath with. Listen, no matter how much I’m told that the showers in the accommodations are clean I’m never ever going to believe that, nope, not even one iota of that. So as far as showering goes when it comes to accommodations I believe in protection against germs, call me a village girl or old-fashioned I don’t care I am sticking with my bathing flip-flops! So as I was ‘touching-touching’ things (without a plan of buying anything but what I’ve come for, of course) the Chinese couple started chatting with me up, guess what was our ice-breaker? The weather of course! I still don’t think they wanted to talk about it but hey whatever works, right? So we started talking about stuff and when they noticed the Chinese tattoo on my hand they went wild – they were like I’m family… hehehe it’s funny how small things can bring people together. I have more than one tattoo and I’m planning on getting rid of some of them – the ones that I got because I knew my relatives were against tattoos and so I did them just to… seriously I can’t write the reasons here, the thing is I was going through stuff – I thought I knew everything, only I didn’t but let me tell you something, if I were to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing – well, except maybe to pay the first tattoo guy on time (the fool! he thought I was going pay him by dating him and when I said no he made me pay with my last money but from the start he had offered do tattoo me for free – men!). The Chinese were so happy they gave me a discount on the flip-flops that were already cheap at their normal price and even gave me sweets! Now you know you have them good when they do that.


Me Being Shy


Sleeping Beauty


On a Luxury Ride


Love the Location

On Wednesday, we started our journey at 6am and we arrived at our destination after 5pm (so now you understand why my bums are complaining this much). Oimy! There I met the most amazing people EVER! Goodness me if it was possible, I would have packed them in my bag! Much love to them. I was home away home. And then I came back to…

…came back to this place! (it’s another story for another time and I might tell you in one of our future post thus if I feel like).

You know the Indian-inspired tunic tops, popularly known as Altezza here – I don’t know why, maybe because of their high demand like the car of the same name. To tell the truth, I fell in love with this top the first time I saw it – it had me at hello. So I got it as present and yesterday I was rocking it – darn I looked good in that top even if I have to say so myself. I put it on, well aware of the fact that some people were going to talk but they can talk all they want and lemme tell you something, only people who have nothing or who are simply bitter in life have time to hate on other people’s choice of clothing so I don’t have time to entertain them!

So I went to this supermarket (I wouldn’t name it) and as I was shopping a group of shop assistants shouted, ‘Altezza’ and darn that other gal (you know the ‘krazy’ one) in me went wild and fuming and so I went straight to them! When I got there, I found that it was five men with two women – two women! I mean c’mon what happened to girl power? Gals ain’t right! Gals ain’t loyal! So when I got there, I took hold of their metal display and firmly put my elbow (I was secretly praying it doesn’t roll away from me because for me to have fell in front of them oh gosh! I really don’t want to think about that turn of events) and I slowly took them in and, ‘Dumelang’ (Afternoon), I said. They froze for a moment, I guess they didn’t expect that I was going to do that (well, I didn’t expect myself to do that too), they greeted me back and I continued staring at them. One of them went like, ‘We were just saying we like the way you walk and…’ I sharply looked at him and he kept quiet, yep he zipped his loud mouth. The ringleader took over and started to tell me how I looked great – I stared him straight in the eyes. Oh, maybe I forgot to tell you, I go mad when I’m fuming so the compliments, the cheap compliments, were falling into deaf ears.

So I went like, ‘I think all of us here know what it is a customer service, right?’ and they were all like, ‘Yes.’ ‘Good, you’re all going to take a moment to remember how to do it then you’re going to practice it on me.’ I commanded before I walked away. A few feet from them I heard them break the silence (well at least I didn’t hear what they said so I’m not going to have sleepless nights over that) then they laughed but I didn’t care because I had drove the point home. I know this is where most of my pastors would have told me to walk away and give them another cheek but I only have two cheeks so I ain’t got another to spare!

Later on, I passed by the bakery section where the group worked and they were waving at me as if we were friends but I gave them the look (the I-am-mad look) and walked pass by – some guts! Any other day and place I would have waved back but after someone have taken out their stress on you early in the morning, you will not take nonsense from every Jack-and-Jill, aity? I still don’t get why people do that but hey I’m not going to talk about her since she’s not here to defend herself.

But otherwise I had a very wonderful week. Hope yours was as great as mine and if not then half as mine was! Lov’ya!

Adiós amigos…


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