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Calling by the Past

Calling by the Past

Does the past call out your name?

Do you look at me and wonder,

Wonder why your heart has entwined with mine?

Do you ever feel there is much more to life than what we have?

Are you stuck between life and our love?

Because I am…

I want to love you the way you love me

I want to need you the way you need me

But the boat is not floating that way

I’m scared to look inside

I’m scared to talk to the demons inside

The road I have chosen for myself is a bumpy one

My heart breaks for you

My body yearns for you at night

My heart cries out for you every second

But my soul repulses you

Tell me…

How does it feel to search for love from a cold heart like mine?

Does it hurt every time I play with your wound?

Why you made me your world whilst you were just a small town in my heart?

Why you expect me to love you back when I don’t know what love is?

I pray you move on and realize

I was never the right dame for you

I hope your next one treats you better than I can

Above all, I hope she gives you the love I could never be able to

As for me, my past is calling me.

It’s Not Goodbye…



All words lost between us

I could pretend that everything is alright

I could turn my eyes from your lies

If only to hold you close for a little while

I hate knowing the truth

How do I stop loving you?

How can I make you love me again?



I know you have chosen her over me

But the truth is

Her smile belongs to me

Her laughter should find its home in my heart

Her nights besides you are my nights

Her reality is my dream

How do I stop loving you?

How can I make you love me again?


As the night waves us goodbye

My heart sinks in

As I know the kiss of the first sunray

Brings with it your goodbye

Maybe you will stay one more night

Maybe you will love me once again

How do I stop loving you?

How can I make you love me again?


I will always be here if your heart ever

Needs home

I knew from the start your love was a lie

But it was a lie I was prepared to live with

But your packed suitcase exposes the truth

How do I stop loving you?

How can I make you love me again?


I don’t believed in miracles

But now as I watch your love fades away

I keep hoping for one

The pain is too much to carry

You are my fairy-tale

Only your love will set me free

From the anguish I’m going through

How do I stop loving you?

How can I make you love me again?


My friends keep on telling me

You’re wrong for me

They say I deserve better

But you’re all I crave

The pain of loving someone

Who keeps on rejecting you was never my intention

I refuse to let you go

Forget the give and take – I’m willing to just give!

How do I stop loving you?

How can I make you love me again?


You say the touch of bodies is not enough

Love is more than lovemaking

And I thought our steamy episodes were all for making love

For creating love

You say love is two souls that connect

But why should it be her soul?

How do I stop loving you?

How can I make you love me again?


I hope she loves you the way I do

I hope she lets your body to rhyme with hers whenever

Your desire arises

But for tonight I just want us to be one

My flesh to your flesh

My desire to your desire

My need to your need

Soul to soul

So tell me, how do I say goodbye to you?

How do I stop hoping?


Compromised Love (Unintended Breakup)



Set me free

Set my soul free

Quench the burning feeling in my stomach

I know you don’t mean to hurt me

But somehow you keep letting me down


Your love is all I ask for

I will hold this world on my shoulders

Just to hear you say you still love me


I might not be enough in your eyes

But letting go has never been my strongest trait

The hold you have over my heart is unexplainable


The heavens testify on my behalf

The world without your love to wrap around me

Is the world I don’t intend to see

Just love me enough to extend my next breath


I don’t want our cherished memories to become my nightmares

I don’t want to make love to your ghost anymore

I can’t keep on kissing your face echo

I want the real thing

And you are the real thing


Call me unreasonable

But how can I be reasonable when my heart is in pieces

How can I be fair-minded when my lungs are about to burst from lack of air

Logic has no place here

Because thinking about you all daylong is my self-preservation


My love for you has no beginning nor end

My knees will never tire from kissing the ground

Just to see your smile again

The smile meant only for me


Your love gives me the strength to face another day

I know my desperation shows my weakness

But I don’t need sympathy from anyone

I just need your love

Your burning love


Your are the love of my life

But I can see the hesitation in your eyes

You question it all

And the answer to all is that no one will ever love you the way I do


Our love is not some Physics experience

So never ask for your ‘space’ or your ‘time’

This heart is too weak to accept that


All I ask from you is to have mercy

For this girl will keep on coming back to you

Each time you push her away

Goodbye was not part of our ‘Hello’