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Calling by the Past

Calling by the Past

Does the past call out your name?

Do you look at me and wonder,

Wonder why your heart has entwined with mine?

Do you ever feel there is much more to life than what we have?

Are you stuck between life and our love?

Because I am…

I want to love you the way you love me

I want to need you the way you need me

But the boat is not floating that way

I’m scared to look inside

I’m scared to talk to the demons inside

The road I have chosen for myself is a bumpy one

My heart breaks for you

My body yearns for you at night

My heart cries out for you every second

But my soul repulses you

Tell me…

How does it feel to search for love from a cold heart like mine?

Does it hurt every time I play with your wound?

Why you made me your world whilst you were just a small town in my heart?

Why you expect me to love you back when I don’t know what love is?

I pray you move on and realize

I was never the right dame for you

I hope your next one treats you better than I can

Above all, I hope she gives you the love I could never be able to

As for me, my past is calling me.


Standing Ovation… to You (You’re not a Victim)


Sticks and stones may break your bones

I know some days it’s hard to get out of bed

But just know that they can’t take your shine

You’re that lone, guiding star shinning bright down for the travellers to see


Don’t cover up your light just to be accepted by the crowd

Your shine is who you are so don’t hide it

Dear, you are in your own lane and they are not ready for you

Don’t live your life settling – NO!


Words thrown at you might hurt

But just know that you are not what they say you are

Yes, it it’s not fair but life was not meant to be fair at times

They don’t know your destiny – it can’t be interpreted to the ‘unseeing’


Don’t be afraid of taking the steps to your happiness

Be afraid to let yourself down

Your path has been drawn with love, mastered with creativeness

The kingdom is all your to rule – own it


“Ugly, stupid, fat, too thin, worthless, poor,

You will never amount to anything

You are just a dreamer”

They say… but they are liars

Keep your head up high and ride in the wave of their criticisms

Knowing they are fighting their demons too

Their evil words are just reflections of who they truly are not who you are



Refuse to give them power over you

You are not a victim, champ

Stay above it all

Let all these make you stronger, smarter, kinder and happier


Rather choose to be hated for being real and true to yourself

Than being loved for being phony

The burden of waking up to being someone else is not worth it

Be the ladder of help to those below you!


Always Remember:

Bullying is a blanbully-1061363_1280.pngket worn by cowards.

Bullying is never cool!

Bullying can lead to suicide for those bullied so always think twice before you bully someone.