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Its Still Okay! (Haiku) Challenge



Thank you Unbolt for providing the challenge!

Task: The task is to write a
which ends with the #ItsStillOkay and marks a perfect end to it!

Here is my attempt (with a Haiku poem):

The doctor held her hand

It trembled with unknown fear

But #ItsStillOkay


I will keep the nomination open for all to try! I hope you will try the challenge!


Vinatge you Sign

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Insanity Is… (This is Insanity)


Insanity is…

I really don’t know but I guess is trying to understand why people betray others so easily;

Or maybe believing that the world owes you anything;

How about holding on to bitterness in your heart?

Insanity is believing in ‘Genuine’ Fakeness in relationships;

Maybe not

Maybe insanity is facing the answers and still ask questions;

Insanity is believing that you are freaking blameless in all the problems in your relationships- dear take a look at the mirror!

Or could it be, turning out to be a fake-ass friend to someone who once cared about you;

Insanity is taking without freaking giving back.

I do believing it is ruining one of the best things in your life;

Insanity is playing with fire and cry when you get burnt;

Well, it could be pushing a person’s wrong buttons and expect them to overlook that;

Insanity is calling yourself I-don’t-freaking-care whilst deep inside you do;

It is expecting explanations from others whenever they misstep but none from you when the tables are turned…

Insanity is saying nasty things to others in the name of joking – we all know the truth!

Insanity is…

I really don’t know…

I think is going around saying you don’t know how you ‘kinda’ push people away; just pause and you will have the answers – it’s not rocket science!

Maybe it is believing that your problems are the only ones worth of a shrine-worship;

It is probably giving the ‘Why me?’ line a perfect fifth;

Insanity is thinking you are the only one who is Insane –

Look around you, the world is full of people like you and me;

Everyone is born with unsound mind – it’s their life’s view that measures the pressure of their insanity in the world!

The elements of life are earth, water, air, and fire and if by any chance you become one of them I’d draft that Memo but until then, take responsibility for your actions!

So just know you were an illusion in someone’s life at a certain point as much as they were to yours;

No need to act all so holy because you bring soil to the water;

So Insanity is… Everyone