Archive | January 2016

The Street Kid


The sun sets, bringing about the dark blanket as it went

The pounding of my heart was of a captive found running away from her master

Its beat so hot like the heat of the desert sun


O! ye Heaven, cast your eyes on me


My mind took me away from my beaten up flesh

How does a falconer hunt without a falcon?

Does happiness have its owners?

How do you summon her?

How do you tame her?


O! ye Heaven, cast your eyes on me


Joyless I came

Joyless I remain

Even the dogs respect me not

But how can they if my fellow beings don’t?

I am cast as a scavenger – a nobody!


O! ye Heaven, cast your eyes on me


Was I sent down here

To spend my time by men’s feet

So I could feed their egos?

Is it my doing

Or my mother’s was a wrong womb?


Trust for Sale

With time,

faces of old friends change

lovers fade into the oblivious

dreams become realities for some and remain fantasies for others

plans made at sunset are scorned

the strong are separated from the weak

a heart yearning for its home never ceases to cry

blood never asks for riddles


You find evil in the same heart that flamed love

get burnt by the same hands that held you tenderly

get fooled by the same tongue that praised you

your soul gets torn apart by the same lips that comforted you


Like a soldier knowingly going to a lost war –

you closed your eyes to the betrayal

a friend turned into a foe is never a song to recite

a sin is holding the ashes of the gone trust –

hoping to hear its melody once again

but through it all, home is like a boomerang

it still gets you back where you belong