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Letters to my daughter

My dearest daughter

It has been a while since I saw you and Katlego, I am sure she is all grown up. I got your postal address from one of your friends, unfortunately I cannot tell you her name, she made me promise that I would not disclose her name to you – funny that we used to be so close but now I depend on strangers in order for me to get in touch with you. Please my baby, come back, come back to your mother or at least take my calls so we can talk this through. It has been over a year since you left and I have never heard from you. I heard that you came to the village but you turned just few yards away from home. Why?

Your uncle Bushie had no right to tell you the truth, of course, I know you deserved to know it but still he had no right. I was going to tell you when the time was right. People are talking, Neo. They no longer believe the story that you went to visit our great aunt, I mean your great-great aunt. I am tired of being the laughing stock of this town.

Your mother,


Dearest Daughter,

I have been checking the post non-stop for a month now and still there is no letter from you. I know what we did to you is wrong but do I deserve to be treated the way you are treating me? You should be grateful for the wonderful childhood you had, for had it not for us hiding the truth from you and everyone else you would have suffered a great deal.

Our culture teaches us that as a child you take everything you are given without questioning your elders so my dear child I did what I did because I had to do it so I believe that for you to be so judgmental is unfair on my side.

By the way, your idiotic cousin, Dineo, is campaigning for some political position; I heard he wants to be a Member of Parliament for our town. He claims that the gods are angry with the community and they are about to unleash devastating disaster on this village unless he is voted to be the village’s Member of Parliament. I do not know when your uncle is ever going to listen to us and take that boy to mental hospital.

Please call me.

Your mother,


My dear daughter,

I do not get this, how much begging do you want from me? How long are you going to make me suffer? I said I am sorry so what more do you want from me, huh? Yes, what I did was wrong but it is not as if you never make mistakes yourself.

By the way, I know you called my neighbour’s daughter, Jess, asking how I am doing. If you want to know about my health then I believe it is best you hear from the horse’s mouth. It is bad enough that you are not talking to me but to have someone spy on our family is another matter.

Do you remember MmaMokete’s daughter, the one who went to study overseas by the name of Caroline? Well, she is back. You should have seen that old witch, walking around as if she was a queen. She even threw a big party for Caroline and the shameless girl was speaking English through her nose like she is not a native. I tell you, she is a bighead like her mother. I guess they have forgotten that they used to beg food from us.

Please reply to my letters.

Your mother,


My dear child,

Cici just started her classes in college. You should have seen her this morning in the new uniform; it fits her as if it was designed with her in mind. She looked so beautiful she actually reminded me of you three years back when you first put on the same uniform. You were so scared I wanted to take you in my arms and tell you that everything was going to be all right and that there was nothing to worry about.

Caroline paid me a visit today; I think I was wrong about my previous opinion of her. She is actually a pleasant girl. She said she studied to be a psychologyist or something like that – there are so many career titles today so much that some do not make sense at all. Who in their right mind will go to school just to study other people’s characteristics? Anyway, who am I to judge after all she baked me some nice scones and she still speak fluent Setswana.

Your cousin, Mary, is getting married to the father of her child – it’s about time. They are paying lobola for her next week I hope you will be there. If only you would talk to me…

Your loving mother,


My dearest,

Well, it seems like there is nothing that I can do to make me part of your life now but is that a fact? Write back if you still want to know about your father.

Your mother


To Mariya,

Katlego and I are fine.



My Dearest

Today I received the best gift ever. I found your letter in mailbox and it took me more than an hour to read it even though it consists of eight words, including the salutation. It is now soaked with my tears because I could not stop crying when I saw your hand writing. Your sister has been laughing at me because I have not parted with the letter since I received it and I constantly reread it. It may sound crazy but this letter, this paper; these words are the closest thing I have had from you since you left after the fight.

What saddens me though is that you only wrote after I promised to tell you about your father. Why could you not reply my letters or take my calls? Do I mean nothing to you? You care so much about a stranger you do not know than you do for me. Do you think I wanted for you to find out about our true relation through a drunken man? No, I did not and I still believe your uncle Bushie should be held responsible for tearing this family apart.

The other day I went to the farm and I branded a cow for Katlego – I hope it will bear lot of calves so she can be rich one day, like mother always said, “It is better to have a cow to your name than live in a mansion in town and slave away to make another man rich.” Your grandmother has always been a wise woman.

Your loving mother


To Mariya

You still do not get. Stop blaming other people, when are you ever going to take responsibilities for your actions? You are never at fault, it is either someone caused you to do something or it is someone’s fault something happened to you. Moreover, as far as I am concerned, I do not want my daughter to grow up around someone like you.



My dearest,

Today I went to see Caroline – she has been nagging me about seeing her professionally. She sat me down in her office in a red couch and words started flowing from my mouth. She advised me to try and put myself in your shoes and try and understand your position in this matter. She made me realise the fact that we never truly communicate with each other; there is no way that this issue is going to be resolved. Therefore, I believe it is up to me to start explaining everything. I hope you are ready for the truth that you have so much wanted. This is what happened:

When I was fourteen, my mother sent me to stay with my sister, Kagiso, so that I could finish my High school. There I met Sipho, our neighbour’s son and we immediately clicked. He was two years old than me but he was always there for me when everyone made fun of me. He used to take me for rides in his bicycle after school and we will go and spend our afternoons by the riverside. One day we were chased by a herd of angry elephants but that did not stop us from going there again. I always looked forward to those afternoons as I always felt in place and at peace. My sister’s job sometimes required her to travel and during those times, she will leave me in the care of our neighbour, Mrs Jones, Sipho’s mother.

I started to have these funny feelings whenever I was around Sipho. One day when we were exploring the forest by the river, I tripped and Sipho stopped me from falling and as I leaned on him, he looked into my eyes and we started kissing. After the incident, we decided to stop seeing each other but the promise was short-lived as during one of my sister’s trips away from home, Sipho’s mother sent him to bring me supper. It was awkward at first but then we started chatting then we decided to watch a movie together. During the movie, we held hands then one thing led to another – I believe you get what I am trying to say here.

Three months later, I found out that I was pregnant. I was stunned because it was my first time and I did not believe one can get pregnant after having sex for the first time and also I had bathed afterward. I told my sister and she told my mother; they were both angry with me but after sometime they accepted the pregnancy and they insisted that I should not tell anyone including Sipho.

My mother and sister decided to keep my pregnancy a secret so they sent me to boarding school for pregnant girls in the city. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl – I gave birth to you and from the moment I saw you I felt an indescribable kind of love inside of me. My mother and sister insisted I should pass you as my sister if I wanted to keep you in the family or else I had to give you up for adoption. I went to see Sipho so I could tell him about you but his family had moved from the town and I did not know where to contact him – they left no forwarding address.

I gave you to my mother to raise you up and that is how you became my ‘sister’. We had agreed that when you came of age, we will tell you the truth but after mother passed on, I could not find it in me to reveal to you that you are my daughter and not my sister.

A former schoolmate of your father gave me your father’s address but when I finally found him, I learnt that he was married with a family of his own so I thought it of no use for me to reveal the skeletons in the cupboard hence I did not contact him. Now I realise that it was a foolish move on my side, I should have told him about you and let him decide on his next step regarding his relationship with you.

When you fell pregnant before finishing your college, I blamed myself that I have held the truth from you. I believe that maybe if I have told you who you are then you could have avoided the pits that I, myself fell into at your age. Please understand, I do not regret having you – you and your siblings and my granddaughter mean the world to me.

I know I stole your childhood from you but please try and understand that as much as I did it for me I did it for you. Yes, I take the blame for all my actions but given the time, I would have done it all over again but this time I would have taken the liberty to tell you myself and prevented you from the humiliation of learning the truth in a way that you did. I will never forget the look I saw on your eyes as your uncle stood in the middle of the yard and blurt out to everyone about you being my daughter and not my sister. I have been so selfish and self-absorbed that I did not see the pain this whole affair will put you through, I am truly sorry for everything I have done to you. All this time, I thought I was protecting you whilst the truth of the matter was I have always been lying to myself that eventually I believed my own lies. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.

Your loving mother


Dear Mariya

Please tell me, do I look anything like my father?



Beloved daughter

Yes, you do. You have your father’s eyes and ears. I know you want to meet him so I have contacted his sister and she promised me that she will forward his contact details; I just hope it is not late.

Your mother



Thank you so much, this means a lot to me. Today, Katlego rode her tricycle by herself for the first time without help; if you could see her, I know you will be proud of her. I have enclosed a picture she drew of you. She told me she wants to be as wise as her granny is.

PS: I have enrolled in a course in the university; I am studying to be a human rights lawyer. I am so delighted – I have always dreamt of helping people and being a lawyer at the same time and this career path brings out the best in me.

Your loving daughter


My precious daughter,

This is a beautiful picture, I had it framed and I have put it on the living room wall. I am proud of her but above all, I am proud of you my daughter.

Your Proud Mother


Dear Mama,

I am so sorry for everything, now I understand why you hid the truth from me. I do not want Katlego to grow up without knowing her grandmother. Mama, I want to come home. Can I come home?

Your daughter,


My cherished daughter,

My darling, this is your home and therefore you do not have to ask for permission to come back. Will you make it for Christmas party? I have someone who cannot wait to meet you: your father.

We talked on the phone, I told him everything, and he was furious that we did not tell him about you but he managed to calm down and he asked if he can meet you. He said he has told his wife and two sons about you and they cannot wait to meet their only sister. They will be here for our annual Christmas party and they wish for you to be here too.

I hope you will be here too.

Your loving mother

Dearest Mama,

I just bought a bus ticket and I will be coming home this weekend.

Your loving daughter,


Hope you enjoyed it.

Sometimes all it takes is communication with the ones that you love, tell them how you feel, tell them how much you love them now and then because you never know when you might never have a chance to tell them so. And remember, no two wrongs make it right and cherish the power of forgiveness – always.



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My Top Ten Favourite Cars

10. Volkswagen Beetle aka The Sporty Icon


I don’t like small cars but the VW Beetle has won my heart for years now! I love its sporty exterior and is soo portable!

9. Land Rover Defender X Tech


Now you gotta love this. It is sure my defender. Two words: Tough and rugged.

8. Land Cruiser: Capable By Nature


This SUV calls for adventurous people! And calls me too…

7. The OEX by Hamid Reza Bekhradi and Monster Trucks


WT..!? Well, this is the future of the overland trucks. I just love it.

SONY DSC monster-truck-icon-bigfoot-8778_1

Not all cars are meant to be driven everyday! I tell you, you got to love those huge tyres when they crush smaller vehicles beneath.

6. Volvo FH

I don’t know but I-love-me-some-big toy.

5. Classic Cars

classic_car_wallpaper_download___wallpapers_wide_cars classic-cars-wallpapers-desktop old-classic-cars-pictures

Ok, I just can’t get enough of this old toys!

4. Range Rover Sport


For years, I’ve been loving this toy! It screams, ‘Power!’.

Watch this Range Rover Sport YouTube video then you will understand why I’m so smitten.

3. Range Rover Evoque


What can I say. This is a car that talks to you. voluptuous with muscular shoulders. I’m in love. I love the white colour. PS Thank you Mrs Beckham!

2. Toyota Mirai (Japanese for “future”)

Toyota_mirai_trimmed Toyota-Fuel-Cell-Vehicle-edited

The future is here in the form of Mirai! This is one of the hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to be sold commercially. Now that’s taking care of yourself at the same time thinking of nature.

And the Prize Taker is:


2015 Lamborghini Estoque Rear View  Lamborghini-Estoque-concept_0 lamborghini_estoque

This is my baby… my only… the one in my heart….

The interior:


Now why wouldn’t you love this babe?



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